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Giant mech suits are the stuff of science fiction, but one inventor and his team are hoping to make them a reality. The result isn’t your typical mech, as these behemoths are built to race.


Jonathan Tippett, an engineer in Squamish, British Columbia, has turned his dream into reality after creating the world’s largest tetrapod exoskeleton mech suit. And his aspirations just keep getting bigger. As Mike Drolet reports, Tippett and his team hope their technical marvels could be the start of one very metal competition.


Cassie Hawrysh – former team Canada National Champion Skeleton Racer – is the first in a series of pro level athletes who we’ll be putting through an intensive Mech Pilot Training Boot Camp, in an effort to learn “What makes a mech pilot?” This video covers a refresher on the previous day’s Mech Pilot Training lessons and some of the challenges in developing the training program.

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A man by the name of Jonathan Tippett built “Prosthesis,” which is the world’s first and largest, purpose-built, off-road exoskeleton racing mech, which was designed and made to pioneer an entirely new sport of mech racing.


An enormous and strange machine is being tested in the Squamish Valley, as its creator begins to train adventurous donors to the project on how to operate the unique mechanized exoskeleton.


Prosthesis is a giant, human-controlled mech suit from Furrion Exo-Bionics. It’s been in development for more than 10 years. Now it’s ready to walk out into the world.

Mech Saves Truck Stuck in the Mojave Desert

We took the mech deep in to the Mojave Desert for some proper, off-road field testing. The mission was fraught will perils and desert heat was merciless. The mech, the pilot and the crew were all tested but we pushed through. The result was some of the most epic meching we’d ever experienced and an exciting taste of the mech lifestyle along the way!

How to Pilot a Mech

Ever wonder how a bipedal human pilot controls a quadrupedal, powered exo-suit? Well, wonder no more!  This is the first in a new series of videos that we’ll be releasing that will teach you what you’d need to know if you wanted to try your hand at piloting the world’s largest 4-legged exo-skeleton.

Mech climbs over concrete barrier

We brought Prosthesis out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to demonstrate it at the first Amazon re:MARS conference. In our first of two demos, we tried climbing over a full sized concrete traffic barrier – something we’d never attempted before!

Alpha Mech Pilot Program

Fourteen years ago we had a grand vision for a global racing league that would pit multiple world-class athletes in head-to-head competitions, through complex technical obstacle courses, wearing giant powered mech suits. The technology did not exist. The sport did not exist. Many thought it was impossible, but our team was determined to bring this dream to life.

Mech Rodeo

We decided to do something special for the last week of our Alpha Mech Pilot Program. Perhaps the Mech Ranch is rubbing off on us. Perhaps Sam’s “rodeo” style mech maintenance got us thinking. And perhaps we just wanted to explore what the future of mech sports entails.

Mech Crushes a Car

We were invited by the wonderful folks at Allied Salvage, who are just around the corner from our Mountain Trials site in Squamish, BC, to come and help move some cars from the scrap pile to the crusher pile. We may have inadvertently provided a little head start to the crushing part of the process…


Just like the last time we came to play at the scrapyard, the goal was to have fun helping the car on its way to its fully crushed fate. But the car had an agenda of its own this time. We think the mech still came out on top, but the pilot’s skills were put to the test and the mech did not escape unscathed. Both the pilot and engineering team came away with some lessons learned.